Ditching Under-Eye Concealer: chapter 1


Here’s to trying new things! *raises coffee cup*
For the next seven days, I will be ditching under-eye concealer, which is craziness, thinking about the truth that there was a time when I’d actually never leave house without it.

No, seriously, I utilized to apply under eye-concealer to pick up the mail…right outside the house.


Lately, however? سورة نوح اه. It has NOT been doing me any type of favors, as well as I don’t understand precisely what happened, since I truly haven’t altered my skin care routine. Suddenly, though (or so it has seemed to me), whatever I put under my eyes looks heavy as well as thick as well as textured as well as like — pardon my French — crêpe. I feel like I’m looking much older than I am.

It appears that I have come to a fork in the road, as well as I can either totally cover the dark areas under my eyes however look 10 years older, or, I can wear less (or perhaps nothing at all?) as well as look kinda tired…but better to my age.

I’ve likewise realized that perhaps the darkness I see under my eyes is all (or mostly) in my head, as well as that, my friend, is type of blowing my mind right now…


القطط و البلوز ماكياج؟

42 دولار

تسوق الآن

Anyway, still not prepared to stop concealing chilly turkey, so my plan is to experiment at length with non-concealer-y products, like illuminators, tinted moisturizers, sheer foundations, as well as basically whatever else I stumble upon that appears like it may الشغل. I hope to discover a solution that doesn’t age me as much as basic concealer.

And hey, perhaps I’ll get much better at accepting myself as well as the inevitable march of time along the way.

So, in my last non-concealer-y product experiment, I tried It Cosmetics CC+ illumination color Correcting Full-Coverage cream in Tan under my eyes, as well as I used it with the new It Cosmetics CC+ Oil-Free Matte (also in Tan) on the rest of my face.

The pink tube is for my under-eye area, as well as the blue tube is for the rest o’ my face!

I chosen this pairing since one of problems I’ve had is with full-coverage concealer looking as well harsh when paired with the sheer foundations as well as tinted moisturizers I wear on the rest of my face, however these two “It” products are medium protection (different finishes, though) as well as have similar textures, so I’d really hoped that the shift from my under-eyes to the rest of my deal with would be more seamless as well as less jarring/obvious.

To test, I mixed the tiniest amount of CC+ illumination in the inner corners as well as under my eyes with a pointy eye brush, as well as buffed a bit of CC+ Oil-Free Matte on the rest of my deal with with a genuine methods buffer brush.

No powder. I skipped it since I wished to prevent any type of caking under my eyes. I likewise didn’t want to make the matte surface on the rest of my deal with look as well matte, so I set whatever by generously spraying metropolitan Decay All-Nighter instead.

Girl, it worked!

With a full deal with of makeup (I may have gone a bit cray with the bronzer. *shrugs*
Illuminating CC+ has these teeny, small pieces of shine in it, as well as it’s a bit as well much shimmer for me to utilize on the rest of my face, however I believe it totally works under my eyes. As long as you don’t utilize as well much (because then it’s like a shine spotlight on your lines), it brightens whatever up, as well as since the It CC creams tend to skew peachy, it likewise assists to color-correct.

I likewise like exactly how CC+ illumination blends so well into CC+ Oil-Free Matte, so there’s no obvious shifts between them, as well as skipping the powder as well as opting for the setting spray instead prevents a heavy or powdery finish. Plus, it assists the products stay put. When I go to eliminate my makeup at night, yes, the CC+ under my eyes uses off since I’m not setting it with powder, however there’s still sufficient of it there to take the edge off.


I’m gonna keep looking around to see if I can discover anything much better (I’m combing with the suggestions you guys left in the comments the other day. say thanks to you again!), however I’m liking CC+ illumination so بعيد. من تعرف؟ perhaps it’ll be a new go-to!

مدمن جمال المجتمع الخاص بك،


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