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This post is dedicated to Rachael of Helpless Whilst drying – she recently posted a review of the theBalm’s Nude’Tude palette and asked for recommendations on other theBalm products to try.  I recommended their Instain blushes, and she asked if I had a blog entry on them – I didn’t, so here it is!

theBalm Instain Long-wearing staining Powder Blushes are offered in 6 shades and I own 4 of them:

L – R: Lace, Houndstooth, Toile, Swiss Dot

They cost CAD $31 / USD $22 for 5.5g so they’re not cheap, but I love them so much that I’ll likely get the other 2 remaining colours.

theBalm Instain blushes are one of the most – if not the most – pigmented and long wearing blushes I’ve ever come across.  These are powder blushes that seem to stain the skin. A tiny – tiny – bit is all that’s needed on the brush for each cheek.  This is especially important with this formula since not only is it pigmented, it has “staining” properties – so if you over apply, it’s quite challenging to remove or blend away.

The packaging of these blushes are very slim – housed in sturdy cardboard “books” (that look like magazine covers) with magnetic closures.  They measure 2×3″, and contain a mirror inside, making them terrific for travelling.

Lace: cool bright pink (matte)

This was my first foray into the Instain blushes – the colour was unique to my collection at the time and I had seen several online positive reviews on these blushes.  I was hooked after this one!  (I did note down that this blush cost me CAD $28 and then subsequently, the prices increased to CAD $31 within the year).

Houndstooth: neutral mauve  (satin)

Toile: strawberry pink (satin)

This pan has some darker spots in it, so I thought I got a defective one.  But when I went back to the counter to exchange, the SA opened a few up and they were all like that. It doesn’t affect the performance but maybe something to do with the red pigment?

Swiss Dot: peach (matte)

Here are all 4 colours together (even though Swiss Dot is called a matte, I feel there’s a slight sheen).

They do leave a slight stain behind:

They don’t stain my cheeks since I wear them on top of foundation / powder which act as a barrier.  I recommend these blushes if you’re willing to work with them; they would be wonderful for darker skin tones or those with oily skin who find blushes don’t last on them.  Invest in a duo-fibre stippling or a loosely packed bristled brush (and tap off the excess) to make applying these a breeze (see my post on bright blushes).  In Canada, theBalm cosmetics is available at Rexall.

Next year I will get the other 2 that I don’t own:

Edit: I finally picked up these 2 shades from Hautelook.

• highly pigmented
• extremely long lasting
• Slim and sturdy packaging
• Wearable colours
• القسوة المجانية

• may be difficult to work with for some
• At $31, slightly more expensive than other mid-range brands (compare with Clinique Cheek Pop at $24 for 4g or MAC at $26 for 6g)

Stash worthiness: 9/10

Ingredient list, click to enlarge.
Have you tried these Instain blushes?  Or other theBalm blushes?

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